We clean your working and living environment with high performance biodegradable and customized detergent.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning generally means removing oil-based dirt from various surfaces, floor, equipment and infrastructure. This type of cleaning is widely used throughout many industrial facilities. It combines the usage of water, chemicals and mechanical energy. The cleaning process can be carried out as an automated or manual one.

AGL provides a unique know-how for these types of application. It includes several steps for the most effective performance. There are several methods how to apply AGL BioSurf. The appropriate application method depends on what type of equipment or surface needs to be cleaned.

AGL BioSurf IC1000 is a unique product for degreasing and cleaning various surfaces from oil-based dirt as well as removing oil from the environment in a safe and economic way.

It contains a high performance mixture of biodegradable anionic, nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants and special additives that ensure excellent cleaning performance and corrosion protection after the cleaning process. It is environment friendly product so it offers significant advantages in both handling and application. AGL BioSurf IC1000 is a perfect assistant in a broad range of applications (traditional cleaning, mechanical and deep cleaning, spraying, hydromechanical cleaning).


  • Excellent detergency performance, anti-corrosive protection

  • Energy and time saving application

  • Highly biodegradable, eco-friendly and solvent-free product

  • Does not contain any harmful or toxic compounds

  • No requirement for any special application equipment