We clean your working and living environment with high performance biodegradable and customized detergent.

Vessel Cleaning

Every oil tanker needs to be cleaned before its dry-docking which is a very specific and costly procedure. Standard oil tanker cleaning procedure involves the use of Crude Oil Washing (COW) followed by water cleaning. However these operations are not completely effective as tank washing machines have limited reach and shadow areas where the pressurized water flow has indirect reach on the tank surface only thus reducing residual sludge cleaning efficiency.

AGL BioSurf OT1000 represents an economic and time-effective solution for oil tank(er) cleaning. This product is a surface-active substance which helps to emulsify residual oil in cleaning water and makes it easily removable. AGL BioSurf OT1000 contains unique combination of surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and other components which ensure long term storage stability, excellent biodegradability, certain level of corrosion protection of surfaces subjected to the cleaning process, low foaming tendency and easy use without health risk to the personnel.


  • Great detergency performance, anti-corrosive protection

  • Easy application not requiring special equipment

  • High cold water solubility

  • Eco-friendly, highly biodegradable, solvent-free product

  • Economic and time-effective application